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Emo (noun): a hotly contested music genre where bands and fans alike refuse to agree on who qualifies for a place in the rankings for all eternity, where no band admits to falling into the criteria of emo, and no fans admit to listening to it either. Of course, the one precursor to belonging to […]

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Dan + Shay All Time Low Dan Smyers

Over the past few years, some artists in the emo music scene have transitioned into the world of country music. As it turns out, Dan Smyers of the country duo Dan + Shay is one of those musicians who made the genre jump. In fact, Smyers was once in an emo band that opened up […]

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unsigned emo bands rising emo artists new music passionflower adjust the sails gold steps the maguas

How many unsigned emo bands can you remember from the 2000s? Probably few enough to count on one hand, right? Well, fortunately, times are changing. Long gone are the days when all of our favorite music came through labels such as Fueled By Ramen. Now, streaming services give us an unlimited assortment of new music at our disposal. […]

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modern baseball automatic loveletter my chemical romance the used emo bands personality quiz

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” So, after years of digesting emo music, is it any surprise that we resemble our favorite bands in personality? We can assume that anyone opening this page has had an emo phase in some capacity. But with an abundance of different bands and eras to shape […]

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[Photos by: Soccer Mommy/Brian Ziff, Dogleg/Triple Crown Records, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers/Olof Grind] Emo music is often relegated to the past. With bands such as the All-American Rejects and My Chemical Romance dominating the airwaves in the mid-aughts, it was certainly more popular then when compared to present day, but that doesn’t mean the genre is […]