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Despite what some TikTok troll in his aunt’s basement is incoherently ranting about in 2021, punk rock isn’t dead by any means. It never has been, and a sea of incredible bands in its aggressive world get overlooked all too often. We’re here to remedy this. Whether you’re a punk-rock purist who thinks that Sex […]

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It’s hard to believe that SoCal punk-rock legends NOFX have been around for nearly 40 years, but the band are still proving naysayers wrong song after song with their enduring and tenacious success. To showcase such, the band are releasing their 14th full-length Feb. 26 via Fat Wreck Chords. The aforementioned record is called Single […]

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The Muffs, No Use For A Name, The Living End, Anti-Flag

Some of your favorite punk bands released (what should be) classic albums that, for whatever reason, superfans and the general public just couldn’t get behind. And sometimes bands you’ve never heard of release an album that would top many “best of” lists had there been a proper push and an ardent buzz behind the record. […]

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Something unusual happened during the making of Get Dead’s video for “Glitch.” Actually, it feels like everything surrounding the making of the song and the video was unfortunate. None of that was going to stop Alternative Press from premiering it, though. “Glitch” is the latest single from the band’s new album, Dancing With The Curse, […]

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Fat Wreck Chords has established itself as a bona fide institution of punk rock. Co-founder Mike Burkett, better known as Fat Mike, has been stamping his seal of approval on your favorite records since 1990. Having the Fat Wreck logo printed on the back of an album supersedes any traces of record label vanity. Instead, […]

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Are you dreaming about leaving your hometown? Sure you are. Because pop-punk kids have felt self-isolated long before the pandemic. All the shows are canceled, and there’s nothing else to do, so there’s no better time to order in an unhealthy amount of pizza, reminisce about Warped Tour and dust off that Fender or Gibson […]

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Fat Wreck Chords, the record label started by NOFX frontman/bassist “Fat Mike” Burkett is celebrating its 30th anniversary. That’s three decades of defining the sound of West Coast punk and fighting the power. Fat Wreck has amassed a catalog of recordings by fledgling upstarts, stone cold icons and a couple of crucial compilations, as well. […]

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San Francisco-based hardcore unit Western Addiction have released the video for the title track of their new Fat Wreck album, Frail Bray. We’re pleased to report there’s no crowdsurfing footage, mosh-cams or life-on-the-road scenes. Because the men of Western Addiction rock harder, they obviously think harder than most of us. For “Frail Bray,” the band […]

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The 1990s started out with DS-1 distortion pedal grunge bands viciously stomping on the global spandex-wearing hair-metal movement from the decade before and ceremoniously ended with the rise of the baggy-pant rockers of nü metal and bleached-blond boy bands with chiseled faces, courtesy of TRL. However, some incredible acts and songs fell under the radar […]

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From the stages at Warped Tour to a small club in a shady part of town, Bad Cop/Bad Cop have never had a problem tearing things up. Their melodic, full-throttled punk is as scorching as a stolen, hot-wired car. Their new Fat Wreck album, The Ride, finds them even more spirited and spectacular. You can […]