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From the Sex Pistols on Grundy to L7 stripping down on The Word. Continue reading…

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Performing on Saturday Night Live is a milestone for musicians in any genre, as it’s a moment in history that will be looked back on for years to come.  For decades, some of the biggest artists of the time have taken the SNL stage, and most take the opportunity to give a memorable performance.  Read […]

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Getting booked as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live is the perfect way for any artist to become a household name. But with the national spotlight comes the show’s strict standards for guests, leaving some outspoken artists to feel restrained. As punk and alternative became more mainstream in the ’80s, the show began to […]

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Christmas is quite possibly the most musically controversial holiday of the year. Not everyone digs the varying styles of seasonal music, though it’s a genre unto itself. You have the ancient carols, full of religious imagery, usually sung by hoary old choirs. The early 20th century’s awash with hokey Tin Pan Alley Christmas standards, sung […]

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“Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” Those words have rung out across American airwaves at roughly 10:35 p.m. every sabbath for 45 seasons. Saturday Night Live (fondly and culturally known today as SNL) which premiered under its original title of NBC’s Saturday Night Oct. 11, 1975, became one of history’s longest-running US TV series.  […]

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