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There was a time when the “supergroup” was super obvious. When the world saw legendary axman Ted Nugent making his guitar squeal with the guy from Night Ranger to his right and a guy from Styx to his left, we all knew there was something special afoot. (Classic-rock lovers will recognize this ’80s band to […]

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Everyone knows that October is spooky season, and what better way to celebrate than watching scary movies, hearing your favorite creepy songs and listening to Halloween-inspired podcasts. To keep the vibes going, Machine Gun Kelly’s HALLOWEEN IN HELL podcast is finally premiering today. Check out the official trailer for the four-part podcast and what the […]

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  Joe Bonamassa is back with his new album ‘Royal Tea’, his latest solo studio offering due for release on October 23rd through Provogue/Mascot Label Group.  Ten tracks make up the collection of varying styles […] For more, go to: (Source)

High-powered punks Anti-Flag recently celebrated the release of their documentary, Beyond Barricades: The Story Of Anti-Flag. Over the course of nearly three decades, the Pittsburgh-based punks have opened ears, eyes and hearts across the world with their political consciousness. While their tenure in the punk scene is certainly noteworthy, we asked them to weigh in […]

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One standout feature of the early 2000s emo music scene was song titles that could barely fit on the back covers of CDs. You probably have fond memories of typing the lyrics of your new jam into the Google search bar and discovering that the actual name of the song was nowhere within them. Or […]

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It’s probably not as fancy as you think. We’ve heard people cheering about the “blue full moon on Halloween” for a while now, and it sounds very exciting. But we need to get a couple of things straight first: The blue moon isn’t actually blue. It’s simply what the full moon is called when it […]

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Summer is finally over, which means we’ve already begun prepping for the best time of the year: Halloween. From decorating to binge-watching horror movies, there are so many activities we love about the fall holiday when it comes around each year.  One timeless activity is baking treats to indulge ourselves with—and to give out to those […]

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In his 1981 book Danse Macabre, legendary author Stephen King makes a potent defense for the kind of films that are often labeled “guilty pleasures.” “I’m no snob,” King writes, “and if you are, that’s your problem. In my business, if you lose your taste for good baloney, it’s time you got into some other […]

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Artist x Artist. So simple, but so telling. When you put two creative minds together for a conversation, it can go literally in every direction. This happens on-stage during a show, it happens backstage, it happens at parties and it happens during great hangs. SPIN‘s new series aims to capture the essence of…

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If there’s one thing Bert McCracken is proving this year, it’s that being stuck in quarantine in no way equates to stagnation. From the release of the Used’s Heartwork in April to his long-awaited collaboration on Machine Gun Kelly’s track “body bag,” alongside YUNGBLUD, the singer is hardly lacking in new content. Now, he’s adding […]

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