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Joey Jordison inspired artists

Do you remember the first time you saw Joey Jordison mastering the art of drumming upside down? Of course you do; that moment is seared in our minds. The sheer talent and innovation of the name behind the rise of Slipknot, Murderdolls, Vimic, Scar The Martyr and Sinsaenum can never be underestimated. This week, we […]

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Des Rocs MMC

“It was a dream scenario to be able to make it,” Des Rocs says on creating his debut album. “There weren’t any fancy studios. It was just me and my laptop and mostly in my bedroom. I call it bedroom arena rock.” Danny Rocco, the Brooklyn-based rock powerhouse and producer behind Des Rocs, has made […]

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lauran hibberd goober ep review

Rising alternative star Lauran Hibberd is proving why her music matters with her new EP, Goober, via eOne. In a genre with so much competition for airwaves, Hibberd shines brightly with her refreshingly spunky sound and sarcastic lyricism. From “How Am I Still Alive?,” the indie-rock collab with Lydia Night of the Regrettes to the […]

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Highlighting standout underground metal releases each month.
Mining Metal: Dungeon Serpent, Hellish Form, Lantlos, Mesa, Midwife, Mordred, Night Crowned, Sallow Moth
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he creative

Don’t be fooled: HE Creative are doing exactly what you think they’re doing when you glance over their Instagram feed for the first time—creating a normalized space for punk rock, female empowerment, diversity and more. Designed in various shades of muted hues, HE Creative are using their creative design studio as a means to elevate […]

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lynn gunn 10 topics interview

PVRIS’ fearless leader Lynn Gunn ponders genres, the best-ever fan-dad interaction and comes clean about what she really wants a do-over on. Read more: Meet twin duo Softcult and hear their brand-new track “Spit It Out” AN INSTRUMENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO OWN. There’s something pretty magical about an old, worn upright piano—if it’s tuned […]

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alice cooper solo metal artists

Whether it’s a less than amicable split with their former band or an unfulfilled urge to pursue a different path of musical creativity, the biggest names in the metal world have tried going solo at one point. However, it takes a certain caliber of artist to hold up a career under their name alone, whether […]

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senses fail joshua tree performances

Senses Fail have partnered with Veeps to offer a two-part livestream event. Set in Joshua Tree National Park, the group appear in front of picturesque sunrise and sunset backdrops for the performances. During the sets, the group revisit two of their classic albums. The Still Searching performance is set to air July 29, and the […]

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hyperpop artists to know

Although it has the word in its name, hyperpop is a far cry from the pop music you hear when you turn the radio on. A relatively new concept, hyperpop is the product of forward-thinking 2010s pop music combined with SoundCloud’s nightcore scene. PC Music owner A.G. Cook, as well as SOPHIE and others associated […]

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The Hives - best punk albums 1997

1997: All media is declaring the alternative–rock explosion—for which Nirvana lit the fuse—over. This means the commercial pop-punk wave Green Day touched off was over in their eyes, too. That selfsame media could not have been more wrong. Green Day had just issued their fifth album, Nimrod. The Offspring, the band who made the catchphrase […]

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