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Proud New Jersey native Frank Iero is one of the scene’s most legendary guitarists and frontmen. Whether you love him from his work with My Chemical Romance, his latest solo project the Future Violents or you can’t get enough of his screams and angsty vocals in Leathermouth, it’s fair to say he’s beyond talented. Alternative Press […]

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Frank Iero Oral History 2020 issue 389 alternative press cover magazine

We interrupt this Alternative Press cover reveal for a very important message from Frank Iero. Hey, have you ever been reading an issue of AltPress magazine and thought to yourself, “Hmm, this is pretty good, but I wish this WHOLE GODDAMN THING was just about Frnk Lero!” Well… ta-da! Read more: Did this ‘Spider-Man 3’ […]

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[Photo by: Mitchell Wojcik] Frank Iero is dropping some new merch items today to accompany fans’ time in quarantine with face masks and a 1000 piece puzzle. The new merch items are available starting today but fans will want to hop on it quick as they’re available while supplies last. Read More: Slipknot are reimagining […]

[Photo via YouTube] Frank Iero is offering fans the opportunity to win a prop from his music video for “Medicine Square Garden” by recreating a scene from the video. He’s running a contest through his social media and the winners will be receiving props from the shoot while an extra prize will be announced later in […]

[Photo via YouTube] Frank Iero is sharing a clip showing off a prop he intended to use for the video for his solo track “Weighted.” In the post, he shows a cross with “FRNK” carved into the top and flashing lights illuminating an arrow while explaining why it never showed up in the video. Read More: […]

Back in April, Gerard Way announced that he had partnered with Youth Code’s Sara Taylor and created The Quarantine Coloring Book to keep us all busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve already received a page from My Chemical Romance lead guitarist Ray Toro. Now, it’s rhythm guitarist Frank Iero‘s turn with his very own coloring page.  Iero’s contribution to the […]

[Photo via YouTube] Get ready to break out your classic aerobic tight pants and leg warmers. Frank Iero And The Future Violents dropped a jazzy new video for “Medicine Square Garden.” “Medicine Square Garden” is from the 2019 album Barriers and will be the last video made from the album.  Read More: Here are 20 punk and metal […]

[Photo by: Mitchell Wojcik] Frank Iero is teasing something for next Monday. But it’s not just any old Monday, it’s April 20.  In the teaser, Iero tagged all of the members of the Future Violents so we can assume it’s something fun from that project. It could be a new music video or even a […]