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It’s now been more than three years since Fyre Fest, perhaps the greatest moment in the history of internet schadenfreude. (Last month, Andy King, breakout star of the Netflix Fyre documentary, marked the anniversary by hosting an online music festival.) A year after the festival, two of the people who bought tickets to the notorious […]

Andy King, the Fyre Fest event producer who was very prepared to suck dick for water, has made a bit of a name for himself because of his viral moment. He picked up an Evian sponsorship earlier this year and there were some talks for a little while about him getting his own TV show. […]

[Photo: Billy McFarland via Wikimedia Commons] A number of celebrity criminals have been making requests for early release from prison over the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and Fyre Festival‘s founder Billy McFarland is the latest to make such a request. According to TMZ, his lawyers are arguing the Ohio prison he’s staying at is a hotspot for the […]

Fyre Fest organizer Billy McFarland has requested an early release from prison, per TMZ. His lawyers argue that the Elkton, OH federal correctional facility where he is currently being held is a hotspot for the virus, and that McFarland has preexisting conditions that include asthma, allergies, and heart issues. Yesterday, a fourth inmate died from […]