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Geezy Escobar

There was no reason to expect anything out of the Saweetie live show, and if Saweetie’s PR people hadn’t gotten me into the arena, I might’ve shown up late. But Saweetie’s PR people did make sure I was on the guest list, so I was in the building when Saweetie opened for Cardi B at my local college basketball arena a year and a half ago. Back then, Saweetie was really only one hit deep into her career, and I’d been to enough big rap shows to know that the opening act with the one big hit was not usually a must-see situation. (I’m thinking specifically of Yung Joc, opening and closing his set with “It’s Goin’ Down” while warming up the crowd for T.I. at the Apollo in 2006.) But Saweetie had a show. She had dancers and choreography and a million-dollar smile. She had “My Type,” her one big hit, and she had a bunch of other songs with hooks that were immediately legible. She was a performer, and she showed up ready to play. I was impressed.

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