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Claire Cottrill became a Gen Z hero for her deeply openhearted songs, but ended up wondering whether she wanted to stick with music at all. So she headed to the country to find herself and a way forward For more, check out: (Source)

As a youth, the rapper garnered the title ‘King of the Teens’ — and a lot of criticism. Today, he’s a mentor and a mogul For more, check out: (Source)

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Thanks to the internet, our exposure to new artists isn’t reliant on record deals and radio hits. Alternative artists of all ages have been able to blow up on social media, release music on their own and launch their careers out of their bedrooms.  This is especially true for young artists. With the cult following […]

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If there’s anything about alternative music written down as fact, it’s that the ’90s were pivotal to the modern scene. With the emergence of new subgenres, from indie to grunge, following the breakout success of bands such as Oasis and Nirvana, the decade set the foundation for nearly all contemporary alt outfits.  Of course, many […]

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These young people took a bit of advice from My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade hit “Teenagers” and showed off how “scary” they can be on TikTok.  Youths from around the world have been protesting their governments for a variety of reasons. Many American teens have shown up to Black Lives Matter protests in support […]

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There truly is no force more powerful than K-pop stans. The BTS ARMY, Pentagon UNIVERSE, EXO-L and more are fandoms on the internet that are devoted to K-pop groups. They can mobilize and organize quicker than any military on the planet, and the overwhelming majority want to spread positivity and help out social causes.  Recently, with the […]

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