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Scarlet Dragged Under Tallah October Ends

This year, blessing show-deprived fans with longer releases was a much-needed effort. And metalcore bands made far-reaching full-length debuts. They opened a new era by bringing it back to hardcore punk, putting a fresh spin on the golden years or shaking it up with contemporary influences. Here are 20 metalcore debuts from 2020 that are […]

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This week, we are getting the first taste of a new screamo band called If I Die First. The new band features Epitaph-signed artist Lil Lotus and From First To Last‘s Travis Richter. Along with the release of “Where Needles and Lovers Collide,” the band have also debuted a cinematic new video. Read more: My […]

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[Photo by: Kyle Thomson] Lil Lotus grins as he admits, “I’ve always stood out like a sore fucking thumb.” With a sawed-off shotgun tattooed above his eyebrow, a self-beheading angel on one cheek and a bleeding heart inked on the other, the 26-year-old vocalist has always shied away from expectations—with his music being no exception. […]