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Jack Saunders

Ever since he discovered his love for radio as a young teenager, Jack Saunders dreamed of working for BBC’s Radio 1. However, having a dream and trying to realistically accomplish it are two very different things. It takes passion, perseverance and hard work to make your dreams come true, and luckily, Saunders knew this better […]

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Mike's Dead

Mike’s Dead wears his influences on his sleeve, both proudly and most definitely loudly. Rooted in his love for the early 2000s nü-metal and rap-rock phenomenon, with a penchant for modern production and a hyper-abrasive aesthetic, Mike has managed to create something that he self-describes as “controlled chaos.” His brand of musical chaos is a […]

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Sir Elton John didn’t intend to record a new album during the pandemic, but it ended up happening anyway. John recorded remote collaborations with a number of different artists, and he’s now compiled those collabs into his new LP The Lockdown Sessions. The new album shows John working with artists from across the spectrum, sometimes in a supporting role, and truly showing his range. John has said that the album reminds him of his days working as a session musician in the late ’60s: “Working with different artists during lockdown reminded me of that. I’d come full circle: I was a session musician again. And it was still a blast.”

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Pittsburgh born, Angel T33th cut her teeth (pun intended) on the skateboarding circuit of the early to mid-2000s, competing in everything from the Vans Triple Crown and the X Games to securing a sponsorship with Roxy. While pursuing a skateboarding career on and off for several years, Angel T33th also managed to stay creatively fulfilled […]

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Artists can easily find themselves forced into a box, shaped by fan expectations or public assumptions about how they should sound. No matter how much some people want to break away from the norm, it’s difficult to escape from what made them big in the first place. That concern doesn’t apply to these artists, though. […]

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A few weeks ago, Elton John teamed up with Dua Lipa and the Australian producer trio PNAU for a track called “Cold Heart,” which mashed up a bunch of different older John songs together alongside its cast of collaborators. It turns out that was just a prelude to a whole new album called The Lockdown Sessions, on which John worked with a whole bunch of notable names.

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Gorillaz have released a new three-track EP called Meanwhile. A celebration of the Notting Hill Carnival, which is cancelled this year due to the pandemic, and the band’s West London home, Meanwhile features collaborations with rappers AJ Tracey and Jelani Blackman and the Jamaica-born dancehall star Alicaì Harley. Gorillaz debuted all three songs during a free show for NHS workers at the O2 Arena earlier this month, and now you can stream the studio versions below.

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