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Rock ‘n’ roll is a wild and crazy career to pursue. Some handle it well, throw up devil horns and spray their hair, even in the afterlife. Others enjoy the experience but discover that they want to pursue other things outside of touring and playing music. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, as passion ebbs […]

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Like most bands (at least the ones who didn’t try to kill their fans), SoCal punk institution Bad Religion didn’t play any shows this year. Until last month, when they performed four shows in front of cameras, not people. Over two days in November, the band performed four sets at esteemed L.A. venue the Roxy […]

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Best Punk Albums of 1989

Welcome to Alternative Press’ 15 best punk albums of 1989. It’s easy to look at the final year of the decade and see it as transitional. But there are portents of the future all over this list. Yet, truth be told, haven’t we seen that with all these lists? As we’ve worked on this series, […]

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Laura Jane Grace Anti-Flag Bad Religion 2020 presidential election digital cover story

As the 2020 Presidential Election was broadcast live in front of millions across the country and around the world, the road to the White House is far off. What has turned into one of the most controversial elections in our nation’s history has also become one of the most monumental. Breaking all previous records, President-elect […]

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Scroll through to see if you share a birthday with a rock star. Continue reading…

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Do you remember what you were doing around this time last year? We do. Prior to their kickass show at Cleveland’s Agora in August 2019, Bad Religion members Jay Bentley and Brian Baker stopped in to blow the breeze and talk smack on everyone from the Damned to Sonny Moore and Unwritten Law. Not really. […]

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For several generations of punks, Dr. Greg Graffin is somewhat of a folk hero. As a founding member of SoCal punk icons Bad Religion, Graffin has been the epitome of reason. His vigorous pursuit of academia didn’t dilute his punk ideals. If anything, it cemented them. In this APTV interview, he briefly discusses his band’s […]

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Due to coronavirus, Bad Religion were forced to cancel their tour with Alkaline Trio. Despite this setback, the band have been using the new downtime to their advantage. In a new interview, vocalist Greg Graffin reveals that Bad Religion plan to release various new singles during the pandemic. Read more: It only took Bella Thorne […]

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In 2020, no band would be spared the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Punk icons Bad Religion weren’t going to mope about it. If anything, they took the opportunity to move forward sonically and culturally. The band refunded their fans’ ticket money for their planned tour with Alkaline Trio, but that hardly meant they were […]

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Bad Religion is an institution. The legendary California punk outfit formed 40 years ago, when its founding members were all in high school. There have been a lot of twists and turns and rises and falls in the ensuing four decades, all of it an arc that defined Bad Religion as a resilient and influential…

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