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No matter how much touring an indie band does, the logistics of scheduling and cost-effectiveness ensures that millions of potential fans will never have the opportunity to see them live. Decades after the ‘80s heyday of MTV when video clips ran 24/7, groups like Daytona Beach, FL indie pop/rock powerhouse Greye know the value of videos in translating the intensity of their music and electrifying onstage presence of lead singer Hannah Summer and her four male bandmates to the world. In addition to countless clips of actual live performances, Greye – starting with the concept video for their ballad “I […]

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Greye has been producing records since our inception in 2013, and while we certainly don’t claim to be experts, we have definitely learned a great deal over the years through both trial and error and constant self-evaluation. By fostering a good creative environment, maintaining good communication habits, and taking advantage of every resource available to […]