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Chrissie Hynde, the pretenders

Since 1978, the Pretenders’ outspoken singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Chrissie Hynde and her band have brought sophisticated compositional smarts and instrumental chops to punk rock. They took the music to radio and MTV in the early ’80s, subversively selling it to people who thought they were just listening to exciting rock ’n’ roll. Hynde spoke exclusively to […]

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While a singer’s precious declaration mid-set of “Here’s a song off our new record” may be the bathroom battle cry for many at a concert (you remember those, don’t you?), there are plenty of music lovers who either can’t wait to hear some of the new stuff or already know it and went there specifically […]

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Writer/director Judd Apatow accurately summed up college when he said: “College is the reward for surviving high school.” It’s true. The college experience proffers unprecedented freedom and a constant buzz of wonder—alive in every cup of ramen noodles and late-night study group. You may have left your teen angst in high school, but you’ve only […]

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It’s hard to believe that Hayley Williams’ new album, Petals For Armor, will be her first solo effort. She’s been in spotlights of varying wattage since Paramore’s debut All We Know Is Falling came out 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old. Many of us grew up with the Mississippi-born, Nashville-bred artist, […]