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“Ain’t It Fun” remains one of Paramore‘s most popular songs to date. Despite that it was released over six years ago, fans are bringing the song back up to Hayley Williams for a whole new reason. Now, the vocalist is joining the discussion on why fans think “Ain’t It Fun” is a very misleading song. […]

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New theories have emerged that Paramore could be planning to release new music soon. This week, eagle-eyed fans noticed some subtle changes to Paramore’s social media platforms. Now, fans are convinced these changes have to do with new Paramore music. Read more: Nickelodeon settles the debate of how many “nicks” are in the theme song […]

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Well, TikTokers are at it again. This week, a new trend has emerged on the video-sharing platform that has gotten the attention of Hayley Williams. One Paramore fan is taking “Fake Happy” and applying it to current times amid the coronavirus pandemic for a new TikTok trend. Read more: Jordan Peele and Issa Rae team […]

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Over the past few weeks, Hayley Williams has been sharing various fan covers of classic Paramore songs on social media. Last month, Williams shared one fan’s cathartic acoustic cover of “Hard Times.” Now, the Paramore vocalist is praising Dorothea Taylor‘s most recent drum cover. On July 9, the Petals For Armor singer shared Taylor’s latest […]

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Hayley Williams has been keeping active on social media over the past few weeks. She recently handed over for Instagram for the Black Lives Matter activist group Teens4Equality. She also used Twitter to urge Mississippi lawmakers to change the state’s flag, a motion that was eventually passed over the weekend. Now, Williams is taking part […]

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[Photos via blackstem/YouTube, Paramore/Spotify] Amidst the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, various Paramore fans have been showing their support in a number of creative ways. Last week, a fan paid tribute to police brutality victims by reimagining the Riot! album artwork and tracklisting. Now, another fan is using Paramore’s single “Hard Times” as a way […]

[Photo via YouTube] It seems like just yesterday Paramore released their fifth record, After Laughter, featuring their hit track “Hard Times.” Time passes quickly when you have great jams to rock out to, as the physically vibrant and lyrically immersive album turns 3 years old today. The album ushered in a brand-new era of Paramore, […]