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  On the first of February 2020, after a 20-year absence, Horsehead returned to the stage at The Corner Hotel Richmond.  It took less than a week for this show to sell out and has […]

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Motivation doesn’t always work. Positivity can be nice, but sometimes it just feels dishonest. And allowing yourself to be emotional is more than necessary. Speaking of emotions, ever wondered how emo rap sounds in Italian? Or French? Or Finnish? Creative and diverse, they, most importantly, are all letting you know that no matter how lonely […]

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[Photo by: Kyle Thomson] Lil Lotus grins as he admits, “I’ve always stood out like a sore fucking thumb.” With a sawed-off shotgun tattooed above his eyebrow, a self-beheading angel on one cheek and a bleeding heart inked on the other, the 26-year-old vocalist has always shied away from expectations—with his music being no exception. […]