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Iggy and the Stooges

Skydog Records Producer: Marc Zermati A prize for any Iggy and The Stooges lovers, this 7 CD and 1 DVD box set (whew!) hoovers up and refines some of the band’s last and most notorious live gigs, as well as some ensuing live solo gems (Iggy does “Batman”), and, finally, a triumphant band reunion. The comp centers on the infamous Metallic KO LP, where the last blazes of a confrontational band meet up with the sounds of bottles breaking against the stage. You get the Stooges’ last two shows, now with the tape speed corrected, a nice touch. And even […]

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Punk has a million antecedents—musical, spiritual. The basic sound and attitude can be traced back to the wildest, most primitive rockabilly records of the ’50s and the most fuzzed-out garage bands of the ’60s, plus the racket the New York Dolls and Iggy and the Stooges raised in the early ’70s. You see it in […]

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In the ’70s, England had two great punk cities. Most across the planet thought London was the world’s only punk capital, completely ignoring the music and culture’s beginnings in New York City, mostly due to the Sex Pistols’ outsized reputation and influence. But if London was English Punk City No. 1, Manchester definitely came in […]

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You would think television (the medium, as opposed to Television, the band) and punk rock were a match made in heaven. After all, the music and culture are sharp, edgy and visually arresting. This should have made punk flawless televisual fodder, right? Truthfully, punk and TV collisions have more often resulted in mutual incomprehension and […]

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