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The composition is only available on the meditation app Headspace.
Arcade Fire Release 45-Minute Instrumental Track “Memories of the Age of Anxiety”
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When asked if she’d ever expected for her 2020 debut under Skullcrusher to receive such immediate and widespread critical acclaim, singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine at first answers with a simple “No.” “It’s quite overwhelming,” she goes on to explain. “I didn’t have that smooth transition of playing a few shows and maybe getting one blog write-up. […]

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Sonic Youth rocker serves up a 10-track instrumental record out of the blue.
Thurston Moore Unleashes Surprise Album screen time: Stream
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Almost four hours of LEGO bricks shuffling, tumbling, and clicking together.
LEGO Releases Soothing “White Noise” Playlist Made Up of The Sounds of LEGO Bricks: Stream
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From their forthcoming collaborative album Sound Ancestors.
Madlib and Four Tet Unveil New Song “Hopprock”: Stream
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Accompanied by a B-side remix from Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner.

Eddie Vedder Shares New Instrumental Single “Cartography”: Stream
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Portnoy plays drums on Petrucci’s upcoming solo album, Terminal Velocity, due October 30th.

Dream Theater Founders John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy Reunite on New Song “Terminal Velocity”: Stream
Spencer Kaufman

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Released ahead of Friday’s lunar eclipse.

Thurston Moore Shares Nine-Minute Instrumental Song “Strawberry Moon”: Stream
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