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In case you don’t have a reminder programmed, last week marked a significant, albeit painful, emo milestone. That is, we’re now 15 years out from the June 6, 2006 release of AFI’s DECEMBERUNDERGROUND. That’s a decade-and-a-half of practicing the “Miss Murder” scream as we flat iron our hair and permanently adorning overpriced shoes in haphazardly […]

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paino-driven alternative songs something corporate all american rejects evanescence hey monday

The emo genre is cathartic by nature, but slow songs provide an opportunity for artists to reflect even more deeply on the feelings that make us human. And somehow, even when featured alongside angst-fueled, uptempo tracks, the ballads always end up being some of the most memorable songs on their respective albums. They have this […]

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When asked if she’d ever expected for her 2020 debut under Skullcrusher to receive such immediate and widespread critical acclaim, singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine at first answers with a simple “No.” “It’s quite overwhelming,” she goes on to explain. “I didn’t have that smooth transition of playing a few shows and maybe getting one blog write-up. […]

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Fueled By Ramen best releases, cute is what we aim for, cobra starship, paramore, the cab, fall out boy

Fueled By Ramen has signed some of the most talented alternative bands and musicians to date. With 25 years of greatness under its belt, now is the opportune moment to look back at its incredible discography. In 1996, John Janick joined forces with Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake and brought the label to life. […]

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2001 alternative songs | 2000s alternative hits | Alternative Press

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now spent more time beyond the 2000s than within them. What’s worse? That means we’re now coming up on 20 years spent with some of our favorite alternative hits. This year, it’s all the 2001 songs that are celebrating the milestone birthday. Even two decades out, though, many of […]

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Female-fronted emo bands Modern emo frontwomen

How many women and nonbinary-fronted bands can you remember from the mainstream emo wave? OK, now let’s subtract Paramore, Hey Monday and Automatic Loveletter. How many do you have now? Unless you were deeply invested in the 2000s underground scene, you can probably count the remaining qualifiers on one hand. Fortunately for the scene at large, the 2010s […]

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Kyle Crawford album covers Alternative cover art

The scene era taught us just how important album covers are. Seriously, we can’t even start to fathom the collective hours we spent uploading art for records we’d pulled from totally legal sources. Did you know, though, that many of the most iconic cover designs of the era came from the same creative mind? Kyle Crawford […]

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pop-punk girl bands all-female alternative groups female punk rock

Despite being heralded as a widely inclusive space, the pop-punk scene has been historically male-dominated. It’s an uncomfortable reality for many, but as iconic artists such as Hayley Williams drag it, kicking and screaming, into the forefront of discussion, we maintain hope that female (as well as POC) artists might one day not be regarded […]

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modern emo bands, dream state, yours truly, tiny kingdoms, magnolia park

It’s easy to look back at 2000s emo music with a sense of longing. After all, it boasted artists and sounds that have long since dissipated… That’s not really the case, though, is it? While we can still stream music by our favorite bands of the time, new artists are constantly developing reminiscent styles. So, […]

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riot paramore under my skin avril lavigne from under the cork tree fall out boy gym class heroes the papercut chronicles 2000s bonus tracks alternative b-sides

Discovering bonus tracks to your favorite albums was hands-down one of the best feelings ever back in the 2000s. Before the rise of streaming services, instant downloads and damn near limitless music collections, B-sides and other limited releases were like gold. If you were lucky, you’d find them on physical albums or iTunes. Otherwise, you were […]

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