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Nothing says Halloween like Christmas music. Every year, before October is even over, dozens of new Christmas songs and albums are announced. And for the past five years, I have been running them down on or before All Hallow’s Eve, mainly to spook those of you who can’t stand this stuff.

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“This is the success of the Dominican Republic, not just mine, of Dominican culture, and I feel very happy to be a part of it,” El Alfa tells Rolling Stone of NYC gig For more, check out: (Source)

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Shortly after the nominations for the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards were announced on Tuesday, Colombian superstar J Balvin took to Twitter to express his frustrations with the awards show, despite being nominated three times this year. “The Grammys don’t value us, but they need us,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, per Remezcla. “We give them ratings, but they don’t give us respect.” J Balvin encouraged nominated artists to not attend the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in November.

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Francesco Carrozzini

You could be forgiven for assuming Yebba is British. The singer born Abbey Smith — her stage name is Abbey backwards — is working in a hip-hop-adjacent retro soul realm that, in the 21st century, has been dominated by English singers like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Adele. One listen to “Boomerang,” the most decidedly Winehouse-esque throwback on Yebba’s debut album Dawn, is enough to clue you in to Back To Black producer Mark Ronson’s involvement. But no, Yebba is not from the UK. She’s from Arkansas. And the music industry is doing its damndest to ensure she’s known all over the world.

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