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As he takes his Artium label independent, the veteran producer-turned-exec is emphasizing a different way of doing business: education instead of exploitation, collaboration instead of competition For more, check out: (Source)

Mystro boasts some serious sideman cred (Janet Jackson, Warrren G, Chris Brown) and on his original instros he shows a knack for cleverly combining styles as diverse as hip-hop and classical, as on “Black Liberace,” which could make him of interest to TV commercial producers and music libraries. The music’s surging groove, choir finale and even what sounds like a climactic thunderclap are inspired. Not as impressive are the classic ‘70s Disco-fueled “Sheba Baby” (where the 4/4 dancebeat overshadows Mystro’s keyboard flourishes) and the ‘80s-inspired “Rockit 3000” which is memorable for its robotic rat-a-tat drum machine accents, “talking” synth, and […]

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20 songs of hope, resilience, protest, and pleasure from LGBTQ+ artists and allies For more, check out: (Source)