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“1985” by Bowling For Soup is a certified scene anthem. We’ve screamed it at Warped Tour and blasted it through our car speakers for 16 years now, but it’s still hard to believe it’s been around that long.  Even though it’s a classic, the song has been revived through TikTok, with people making a variety of […]

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“I want you to stay. I want you to go.” That sounds like 70% of the sentiments found in the lyric sheets of bands operating in 21st century emo, right there. Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick knows something about the particular trend. After all, he did write an entire album around that. Reddick got […]

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Side projects have the special ability to give artists the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose without snobby genre lords or the (sometimes self-imposed) shackles of their previous works confining their sonic decisions. Sometimes these new bands go in an intentionally more mainstream direction, while other times the word “commercial” is never […]

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Lots of bands can effectively write an extremely clever lyric, but it takes a certain bold and confident self-awareness to truly pull off loud and proud dad jokes in a song. Not that many artists can get away with a melodic vocal in such a light manner (or the opposite, depending upon which unappreciative fan […]

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Photos via: Jaret Reddick/TikTok/jaretreddick, fntmsage/TikTok/fntmsage] Earlier this week, AltPress reported about TikTok user fntmsage and his modern version of the classic Bowling For Soup hit “1985.” Now the magnificent singer of BFS himself has posted his own TikTok reacting to the video.  In it, we see Jaret Reddick holding up a really cool piece of […]

When the new millennium broke, the alternative music community was heavily saturated with popular genres such as punk, pop punk and emo. Lying dormant, a new alternative music sound and scene was awaiting its time to shine. In 2002, it absolutely exploded. It was virtually impossible to go a day without hearing Simple Plan’s latest […]

[Photo: Jered Scott] Pop-punk mavericks MxPx are doing their part to keep your lockdown as adrenaline-charged as possible. The long-running band will be streaming a deluxe edition of their 2018 self-titled record Tuesday April 14th (Monday night at midnight EST). This edition will include the full original 11-song album, four bonus tracks and five acoustic […]

Pop punk began to rapidly gain traction in the early 2000s, landing impressive spots on mainstream charts that propelled the success of the genre today. This transformative period uncovered legendary bands who produced albums that have stood the test of time. While it’s apparent that pop punk began a definitive era 20 years ago, it’s […]