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DJ Khaled’s brand is excess, opulence, and over-the-top enthusiasm. For the better part of two decades, the man born Khaled Khaled has been rounding up as many famous rappers, singers, and producers as he can, piling them onto XXXL pop-rap songs laser-targeted at radio, and shouting various catchphrases on top of them at maximum volume. This sometimes results in pump-you-up classics like “We Takin’ Over” and “I’m On One” and “All I Do Is Win,” modern-day jock jams guaranteed to send your average millennial’s adrenaline surging. In recent years the formula has led to a bloated pantomime of triumphant lavish living — songs that sound the way overpriced liquor bottles in the VIP section probably taste (which I hear is underwhelming, though I can’t speak from experience). Khaled is a blockbuster franchise unto himself: one that keeps roping in more and more impressive names, and one that can’t really descend into self-parody because this man has always been a living caricature.

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Chartmonger DJ Khaled missed out on the #1 spot with his last album, 2019’s Father Of Asahdnot for lack of trying — but, considering the lack of competition this week, it seems likely that the star-studded guest list for his new album Khaled Khaled will do the trick.

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“I would like to thank God and the incredible team of doctors and nurses at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for saving my life. I will be forever grateful,” singer says For more, check out: (Source)

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The 2020 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards, ASCAP’s fourth virtual awards show this year, included powerful performances, meaningful discussions, uplifting speeches, emotional tributes and a lively after party to top it all off.  The three-day celebration across digital platforms created memorable moments while giving fans an intimate glimpse of their favorite songwriters and artists in their homes and studios. As part of its weekly ASCAP Experience: Home Edition programming, ASCAP also hosted a “Leading Ladies of Publishing A&R” panel discussion featuring women executives from three of its top Rhythm & Soul Music Award-winning publishers: Brandra Ringo (Warner Chappell), Ari Gelaw (UMPG) and Jennifer Drake (Sony/ATV). The three A&R […]

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When Alec Benjamin sings, people listen. This isn’t necessarily because he has something meaningful to say, though I’d argue that Benjamin is a more substantial lyricist than your average lite-pop singer-songwriter. No, the initial reason folks stop what they’re doing and pay attention when this guy opens his mouth is because his voice is kind […]

Peter Cottontale, the Chicago producer and keyboardist, has been working with Chance The Rapper ever since Chance released his debut mixtape 10 Day in 2012. These days, most of us would recognize Cottontale as a member of Chance’s band the Social Experiment. (He’s the guy with the afro.) But Cottontale also makes his own music, […]