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Trixie Mattel and Orville Peck

Drag Race star Trixie Mattel and alt-country icon Orville Peck have released a joint single “Jackson.” The track was released alongside the Drag star’s new EP Full Coverage, Vol. 1. The new track revisits one of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s classic numbers. The tune was also accompanied by a playful visual. Read more: […]

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There are three types when it comes to songs in feature films: The first is the song that you just know isn’t only going to be nominated for an Academy Award but in all likelihood will win it; the second is the song that’s snubbed by the Academy in a year jam-packed with standard Oscar […]

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The good old days of the closest Broadway ever coming to a rock ’n’ roll experience being Jesus Christ Superstar or Hair are long gone and have been for a long time. While those shows did, and still do, rock and can even be viewed as a harbinger of things to come, the headbanging on […]

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Zack Snyder‘s highly-anticipated recut of Justice League is set to arrive on HBO Max on Mar. 18. Although we are still over a month away from the premiere, the director is finally giving DC fans a preview of one particular character. This week, Snyder offered the first glimpse of Jared Leto‘s controversial Joker. By the […]

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Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad-min

In case you haven’t heard, Jared Leto is officially reprising his role as Joker for Zack Snyder‘s cut of Justice League. However, it looks like this may not be the only place we see Leto’s Joker return. This week, director David Ayer teased that a recut of Suicide Squad might actually happen with an unseen […]

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Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight was the highest-grossing film in 2008. As well, it still remains one of the most critically-acclaimed Batman films of all time. However, a large part of the movie was almost completely changed. The Dark Knight co-writer David S. Goyer has revealed that Warner Bros. initially pushed for Joker to have […]

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David Ayer is continuing to share behind-the-scenes Suicide Squad secrets. Over the past few months, the director has revealed various details including a Harley Quinn and Joker love triangle that almost happened, the meaning behind Joker’s tattoos, an alternative Diablo storyline and more. Now, Ayer is revealing that Joker almost had a completely different ending […]

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[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images] Due to coronavirus, the film industry has been greatly impacted. For over three months, movie theaters worldwide have been shut down. Now, theaters are planning to reopen this summer. However, many film release dates are being delayed to later this year and 2021. Due to this, the 2021 Oscars […]

[Photo via YouTube] Since the David Ayer-directed Suicide Squad was released back in 2016, both fans and critics have been divided over Jared Leto‘s controversial portrayal of Joker. Post-filming, Suicide Squad was recut, eliminating many of Leto’s scenes as the infamous Joker. Now, Ayer is responding again to those reports that many of Leto’s scenes […]