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John Cale

the modern lovers boston punk rock

A greasy R&B riff rips from the speakers, coated in more fuzz than a peach orchard wearing a 50-year-old wool sweater. A singer with a sneer that could wilt Elvis’ upper lip indicates he’s gonna tell you a story about his town. He snarls about hanging out by the notoriously polluted Charles River, “along with […]

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The Velvet Underground

Lester Bangs, the greatest rock journalist ever, felt eternal Lower East Side musical royals the Velvet Underground were “our Beatles and Bob Dylan combined” and that “modern music begins” with them. He wasn’t wrong. They existed only for a handful of years—1965 to 1970. But five years was enough for them to create virtually everything […]

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New york city punk rock from the 70s, patti smith ramones

Since the world first became aware that there is such a thing as punk, there’s been a nonstop argument about its birthplace. The clueless mainstream media reported for years that it began in England, simply because the Sex Pistols’ snarl was more extreme. Which royally pissed off New York City, the first place to essentially […]

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Jake Michaels

Real Estate just followed up last year’s The Main Thing with a lovely little EP called Half A Human. Now they’ve delivered a whole EP’s worth of covers too. Recording for Aquarium Drunkard’s great Lagniappe Sessions, the band has put its spin on a diverse quintet of songs.

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John Cale is always around — just recently, in fact, he popped up on the excellent Kelly Lee Owens track “Corner Of My Sky.” He’s always working on something or another, but now it’s been a bit since he’s released a new album. (His last, 2016’s M:FANS, was a reimagining of his 1982 album Music

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Kelly Lee Owens released her excellent Album Of The Week-worthy Inner Song last month. One of its many highlights is “Corner Of My Sky,” a collaboration with the legendary John Cale. The song is a reflection of Owens and Cale’s shared Welsh heritage, and for its official music video they brought in the very famous…

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We’re finally only a few weeks away from the release of Kelly Lee Owens’ sophomore album, Inner Song, after it was announced way back in February. Owens has shared a handful of tracks in that time — “Melt!,” “Night,” and “On” — and today she’s back with another song, “Corner Of My Sky,” which is…

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