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Jutes has released his new single “When You’re Around” via Capitol Records. A powerful romantic pop ballad, Jutes sings about two misfits finding each other and finding comfort in their shared anguish: “don’t fit in where we’re from / gotta find a new way out / your time is all I want/don’t feel so crazy when you’re around”. The single was produced by two of the most prominent names in pop, M-Phazes and Mitch Allen. Filmed against a backdrop drawn by Jutes himself, the video slowly pans out of a grainy close up of his face, gradually revealing that he is in fact completely naked, with only a guitar to cover himself – reminiscent of the classic video for Blink 182’s “What My Age Again”. Also paying homage to the legendary Mark McGrath, the second verse interpolates Sugar Ray’s track “When It’s Over”, another nod to the early ‘00s alternative scene that influences Jutes so heavily. “When You’re Around” is the second single from Jutes since releasing his Overrated EP on March 5th which you can Stream Here. For more, go to: (Source)