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Kenneth Branagh

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The story of the Bee Gees is truly one of the strangest, twistiest sagas in pop music history. Think of it: Three brothers emerge from Australia, singing sad songs in freaky-high harmonies. They get famous, break up, get back together, and get even more famous. Their star fades, but then it returns even brighter, and they become the face of the disco phenomenon. For a while, the Bee Gees become the biggest stars since the Beatles. Songs that they write for other artists become hits. Their baby brother becomes a star. But then the world turns away from disco, and the Bee Gees’ star falls quickly. They keep working. They get more moments in the sun. But two of them die. Their baby brother dies, too. Today, only eldest brother Barry Gibb is left standing, carrying the flame for his father’s legacy. It’s practically Shakespearean. Now, a Shakespearean auteur will tell their stories.

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