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The ’90s were chock-full of absolute icons, and no, we’re not referring to the Princess Diana Beanie Baby or JNCO jeans when we say that. From Nirvana to *NSYNC, pop and grunge ruled the airwaves. However, it seems like some women-fronted acts don’t get nearly enough credit for all of their contributions to the music […]

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“If you feel the way I think the two of you do and I do about Donald Trump, it just feels good knowing that you’re playing a role in changing this country,” senator says as part of upcoming Rolling Stone‘s Fridays for Unity event For more, check out: (Source)

There was a time when the “supergroup” was super obvious. When the world saw legendary axman Ted Nugent making his guitar squeal with the guy from Night Ranger to his right and a guy from Styx to his left, we all knew there was something special afoot. (Classic-rock lovers will recognize this ’80s band to […]

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There’s absolutely no denying the influence Pixies had on the underground rock scene. The Boston rockers’ sense of dynamics and madness has left a mark on succeeding generations of artists. David Bowie‘s side project Tin Machine used to play “Debaser.” Kurt Cobain famously stated that he should’ve been in a Pixies cover band. Why, even […]

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