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Kohti Tuhoa

Finnish D-beat ragers Kohnti Tuhoa are among the fiercest and best punk bands in the entire world. The band cranks out frantic, serrated music, and they sing very angrily in their mother tongue. (The band name is Finnish for towards destruction. Kohti Tuhoa play fast, and they work fast, too. Last year, the band released an excellent EP called Elä Totuudesta. Later this fall, they’ll follow that EP with a new four-track effort called Väkivaltaa — Finnish for violence. They’ve just shared the title track.

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[Photos by: Hawser/Bart Jansen, Employed To Serve/Spinefarm, Higher Power/Nat Wood, Brutus/Geert Braekers] In 1998, Sweden’s Refused dropped their declarative LP, The Shape Of Punk To Come. That shape being, of course, post-hardcore. Europe’s original hardcore scene, however, existed long before that. Today, it still stands strong with new acts fueling its current momentum. Which makes […]

The Finnish band Kohti Tuhoa make frantic, unforgiving punk rock, and their feral political broadsides are consistently rousing even if they’re singing in Finnish. Those of us who don’t speak Finnish still get the speed, the apocalyptic rage, and the general vibe of the thing. Last year, the band released a furious album called Ihmisen […]

A couple of weeks ago, Wrestlemania went down in an empty gym. WWE moved its biggest annual event from a Tampa football stadium to its Orlando practice facility. The live Wrestlemania audience is usually somewhere in the range of 70,000. This year, it was zero — or, if you include the commentators, host Rob Gronkowski, […]