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Among all the music that the ‘90s brought us, there’s one common denominator—kick-ass women vocalists. From the emergence of grunge to the golden age of hip-hop settling in its place, the ‘90s proved to be a decade where artists expressed the exasperations of womanhood with all of their might. As women lead singers began to […]

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The Velvet Underground

Lester Bangs, the greatest rock journalist ever, felt eternal Lower East Side musical royals the Velvet Underground were “our Beatles and Bob Dylan combined” and that “modern music begins” with them. He wasn’t wrong. They existed only for a handful of years—1965 to 1970. But five years was enough for them to create virtually everything […]

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When it initially blasted into the world from New York’s Lower East Side almost concurrently with punk in 1977, it was dubbed no wave. Village Voice critic Robert Christgau referred to it as “skronk,” an onomatopoeia based around the general guitar sound. He uncharitably dubbed its ’80s practitioners “pigfucker” bands. This writer’s personal name for […]

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The Simpsons bands

As the longest-running animated television show in history, The Simpsons has been around for the rise and fall of grunge, the emergence of pop punk and countless other shifts in the music world. Throughout the past 31 years, The Simpsons has landed some of music’s most successful artists as guest stars. While the fan-proclaimed “golden […]

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Thurston Moore has done so much in his decades-spanning career that he can barely remember some of it. Performing with Sonic Youth on cult comedy classic The State‘s network television premiere? Doesn’t remember it. What about when the band appeared on the Canadian kids show Yo Awesome Awesome? Nope. Providing the voice of Mark Twain…

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The Cribs and Lee Ranaldo are back together again, 13 years later. The indie rockers enlisted the Sonic Youth guitarist for their Monday-released track, “I Don’t Know Who I Am.” The song is the first time they’ve linked up with Ranaldo since his feature on their 2007 track “Be Safe.” “Working with…

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Last month, The Cribs announced a new album, Night Network — the follow-up to 2017’s 24-7 Rock Star Shit — and shared its lead single, “Running Into You.” Today, the British brother trio are sharing another track from it called “I Don’t Know Who I Am,” a collaboration with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, who they…

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