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Titi Woo ” Down Here On The Bottom “ Titi Woo is back with the third single titled Down Here On The Bottom. You might remember us sharing their music a few weeks ago. Jody and David are twins and wrote and recorded music together until David passed away from illness. Jody has since taken the music and completed it, making a beautiful memorial to his brother and their writing and singing ability. Down Here On The Bottom is all about loneliness and has a lush 90s feel to it, with layered guitars and a soft beat of the drums. Josh Fudge ” Second Date “ It’s true, we can not get enough of OKC based Josh Fudge and his delightful happy go lucky sound. He is back with a new single Second Date. The song is about getting bored quickly in a relationship, letting go of the fun and blissful ” Honeymoon ” phase all of them go through. Fuzzy nostalgic synths and melodious guitars all are spectacular throughout the song, but the real highlight is always Josh’s smooth, tender voice that has the ability to just take you away from any troubles you might have. Liimo ” Miracle […] For more, go to: (Source)