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“I want to thank you for waiting since March of 2020,” Joel told the crowd. “Sorry we had to shut everything down, but now we’re back!” For more, check out: (Source)

Unannounced acts Eminem, Dave Chappelle, and Jennifer Lopez helped make this one of the most entertaining Rock Hall inductions in recent memory For more, check out: (Source)

Midway Café – Jamaica Plain, MA Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Paul LaPonte, drums, vocals; Rob Weston, bass, vocals; Kevin Kvein,  guitars, vocals Material: When considering a band with the name Bobbing For Apples, it’s difficult to imagine what type of sound they’ll make. Therefore, it’s an appropriate handle for this trio from North Brookfield, MA, as their music remains tough to categorize. Their title, a reference to local attraction Brookfield Orchards, is intended to suggest the players’ varied influences, although who those acts are remains unclear. Whatever they may be, the result is a psychedelic rock-based concoction that’s sometimes […]

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The Hotel Café   Hollywood, CA Contact: Cory Lashever, [email protected] Web: Players: Chris Roberts, guitar, vocals; Eli Wulfmeier, guitar; Adam Arcos, bass; Jake Abernathie, keys; and Jason Ganberg, drums Material: Indie singer-songwriter Chris Roberts celebrated the release of his EP Lost and Found at this show. Blending southern rock, jam band, and straightahead rock & roll, Roberts offered a collection of original compositions, including an impressive interpretation of the classic song “Chevy Van,” Reminiscent of the ‘70s sound of the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Marshall Tucker Band, Roberts has successfully created a signature sound, which he […]

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Livestream  New York, NY Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Jessica Lynn, vocals, guitar, keyboard; Steve Sterlacci, guitar; Peter Calamera, bass; Andy Harts, drums; Matt Bauer, percussion; Bob Riedel, pedal steel guitar; Victoria Calamera, background vocals Material: “I didn’t find country, country found me,” explains Jessica Lynn in her recent livestream. For a homegrown New Yorker, she captures the genre as if she has been ensconced in it most of her life. There are instances of crossover into pop rock, and although she doesn’t speak with a twang, it’s clear she has made this style her trademark. In a full band […]

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Edo Ramen House  Detroit, MI Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Sean Blackman, guitar; Larry Fratangelo, percussion; James Simonson, bass Material: A blend of flamenco, sambas, contemporary jazz, world beat and instrumental pop is all part of Audio Birds’ musical play book. A few of the tunes have a distinctive Wes Montgomery-styled nuance. And that’s matched, with Earl Klugh-like harmonic flourishes and Mediterranean ambience. Classics by the Beatles, Cyndi Lauper and Sting factor liberally into the sets as well. Musicianship: This trio is comprised of three top-tier players, with a collective history of service to artists like Kid Rock, Parliament Funkadelic […]

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The Hotel Café – Hollywood, CA Web: Contact: [email protected] Players: Shane Henry, vocals, guitar; Maggie McClure, vocals, keyboard, percussion; Justin Glasco, bass; Kevin Brown, drums; Taylor Kropp, guitar; Will Gramling, keyboard Material: The Imaginaries is a rock & roll, Americana, Gospel-ish folk band all wrapped up into one. Henry and McClure are the main songwriters who then bring in the band to translate the music. Their tunes, reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac, are ladened with juicy, flavorful harmonies that take the songs to the next level. “Enough of You” started out the set and was a perfect rock tune […]

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The Silverlake Lounge  Los Angeles, CA Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Piera Klein, vocals; Micah Plissner keyboard(s), synth-pad, drum machine Material: The story of Piera (branded as PIERA) is much more than just another narrative about a band comprised of kindred spirits. In a way, it’s a beautiful collision course between two completely different artists from opposite sides of the country. When Piera Klein and Micah Plissner are performing live on stage together, you would never know that they were brought together, initially, by a whimsical recording session for a one-off record.  Nevertheless, electronic-rock songs like “Unraveling” and “It’s True” […]

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oho House  – Los Angeles, CA Contact: Mikaela Duhs, [email protected] Web: Players: Kyle Dion, vocals; Aabo Bortz, bass; Dustin Coon, guitar Material: After two years of work on his latest record, Kyle Dion returned to the stage with fresh, fun music, delivering an impeccable six-song set at Soho House in Los Angeles. Showcasing material from his new album, Sassy, as well as a reboot of “Brown” from 2019’s Suga, Dion performed a set of laid-back R&B, combining neo-soul with edgy lyrics, adding in rap, reggae and pop elements while showing a bolder, unfiltered side of himself. Musicianship: With synthesized […]

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The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA Web: Contact: [email protected] Players: Finnegan Bell, lead vocals, guitar; Ryan Stevens, bass, vocals; Daniel Alcala, guitar, vocals; Samson Young, drums, vocals; Cory Batchler, keyboard, vocals Material: Love Ghost is a mix of different genres all melding very nicely. They are mostly grunge with a lot of metal and hard rock thrown into the mix and then sprinkled with hints of punk, pop and even some rap. The songs are short, sweet and to the point, with a lot of meaningful and heart-felt lyrics driving each song.  Musicianship: Each player has his own abilities […]

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