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Featured in the August 2007 issue (229), Hayley Williams made her Alternative Press cover debut ahead of Warped Tour 2007 before Paramore appeared on the cover of issue 235 as the Band Of The Year in February 2008. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2007, ‘Riot!,’ the group were interviewed by Jonah […]

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calvin klein, heron preston stevie williams

Early in April 2021, Calvin Klein—American fashion house, universal byword for understated cool and, also, underwear with the name of a bisexual icon printed onto the waistband—announced the appointment of Heron Preston as the brand’s new creative consultant. One of those amorphous roles that doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all but which, in the right […]

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2000s scene queens personality quiz zui suicide hanna beth merjos raquel reed audrey kitching

Remember the good old days when the most prolific influencers sported striped hair and tiaras? Yeah, we’re talking about 2000s scene queens. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone had a favorite. They were like our neon-laced, rawr-ing Patronuses. Some were bubbly, and others were edgy as all hell. Ultimately, the only thing they all […]

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