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Eric Johnson’s playing has always been exceptional when it came to tonal characteristics. Especially when he plays in the higher register, it almost has a violin quality. I have always been a fan of his music because he is not just a guitar shredder, but an exceptional composer as well. I remember interviewing Eric a few years ago and he gave me a specific rundown on his gear, shown below. Eric’s Typical Guitar Setup ·      BK Butler Tube Driver ·      AC Booster ·      Marshall JMP Super Lead ·      Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face ·      Ibanez Tube Screamer ·      Marshall JTM […]

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No one has ever accused me of being the most talented person in the world. In fact, they are absolutely correct to withhold such praise from me and my endeavors. The attribute with which I have garnered the most respect is that of being a craftsman. A craftsman in our trade has an incredible amount of detailed knowledge, a discerning ear, a vast supply of experience, a psychic amount of foresight and microscopic laser focus while maintaining a big picture view of the project and approach. Another part of being an incredible craftsman, regardless of industry, is understanding the tools […]

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