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I Put A Spell On You: Horror-punk roots Horror punk? Well, the cheapest, tackiest horror films have always been part…

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Alternative Press’ native home of Cleveland, Ohio, stands alongside New York City and London as one of punk’s birthplaces. Yet, few outside of U.K. music journalist Jon Savage, in his crucial ‘70s punk history England’s Dreaming, acknowledge this. But how could Cleveland—a torched-and-trashed post-industrial landscape by the ‘70s, famed for the Cuyahoga River being so […]

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Welcome to Alternative Press’ 10 best punk vocalists of the ‘00s. When we counted down that decade’s finest punk guitarists, we noted that the beginning of the new century was a turning point. The ‘90s began with Nirvana breaking down the door for punk-influenced alternative acts to become the mainstream music of the decade, peaked […]

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Since the world first became aware that there is such a thing as punk, there’s been a nonstop argument about its birthplace. The clueless mainstream media reported for years that it began in England, simply because the Sex Pistols’ snarl was more extreme. Which royally pissed off New York City, the first place to essentially […]

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Luz Gallardo

Kid Congo Powers has been one of punk rock’s most valuable players since 1979. That was the moment when boho poet/Slash journalist/Blondie fan club president Jeffrey Lee Pierce handed an open-tuned electric guitar to the Ramones fan club president, who’d previously been one of the suburban teenage habitues of influential local DJ Rodney Bingenheimer’s storefront […]

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the clash

Some promo copywriter at the Clash’s American label, Epic Records, came up with the questionable slogan “19 songs by the only band that matters” for the sticker that appeared on the face of 1980’s U.S. release of London Calling. While singer/guitarist Joe Strummer, lead guitarist Mick Jones, bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Topper Headon didn’t […]

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It does seem positively quaint. But there was a time when it looked like the world completely hated everything regarding punk rock. Popular culture reflected that back at us. Somehow punk was going to destroy the values Americans held so sacred back then. Many thought punk was a mere fad that was the equivalent of […]

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Rock ‘n’ roll has the capability to inspire and offend. And it’s even cooler if both of those things can be done at the same time. Welcome to the world of shock-rockers, artists who strive to push themselves to the highest extremes, creatively and personally at whatever cost. But first some mitigating factors. Rock ‘n’ […]

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