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Varulven Records Producer: Joe Viglione For decades, Joe Viglione has shined a spotlight upon Boston musicians via this underground compilation series. From the bluesy voltage of 3D to the sonic assault of Empty Country Band, the anthology’s latest edition is practically guaranteed to please. Local favorites Karmacar appear, as does guitar phenom Joe Black. Other entries feature Kitoto Sunshine Love, Slapback, Pamela Ruby Lee and more. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Viglione himself has a track. Nearly every cut delivers a Fenway-style grand slam, although the ones that don’t still make it to third base. 

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Post-punk had to happen. Punk rock opened all this space for people to make exactly the kind of art or culture that the disenfranchised had been imagining in their heads, and maybe had limited means or skills by which to make it. But what if you didn’t want to crank out recharged three-chord rock ’n’ […]

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In the Spring of 1997, the promotion of the HIStory album seemed as if it would continue for quite a while, especially since Michael Jackson’s European tour was imminent. And yet, contrary to fans’ expectations, a new album, titled Blood On The Dance Floor, was announced. More than two decades later, Brice Najar explores the history of this unusual and very special collection through the stories of Michael Jackson’s collaborative partners. By Brice Najar (paperback) $28.50

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Here are 17 songs for piano, voice and guitar from the second album created during the pandemic lockdown by Taylor Swift. The songs, a conceptual sequel to her folklore album, include: Champagne Problems * Closure * Coney Island * Cowboy like Me * Dorothea * Evermore * Gold Rush * Happiness * It’s Time to Go * Ivy * Long Story Short * Marjorie * No Body, No Crime * Right Where You Left Me * ‘Tis the Damn Season * Tolerate It * Willow. (paperback) $22.99

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Aftermath, Atlantic Producers: Bruno Mars, D’Mile Two of neo-pop-R&B’s coolest musicians, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, have joined forces to bless us as Silk Sonic. The coolness takes Silk Sonic far enough, but .Paak’s creative approach to song structure and always-impressive drumming, and Mars’ buttery voice is a perfect combination for a self-dubbed “setlist of doom.” Lead single “Leave the Door Open” is a vintage nod and modern jam—timeless. Parliament Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins is a “special guest host,” emceeing the event, and occasionally lays down tasty bass licks. An Evening with Silk Sonic will be responsible for a population boom.

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Livestream  Arooga’s • New Jersey Contact: [email protected] Web: Material: A soul singer from Asbury Park, Mia Mhoor performs original tunes that embrace her African heritage. According to her website, her music spreads messages of positivity and hope that are designed to uplift the marginalized. Her painfully brief set consisted of only three songs; it’s likely that her time was cut short as a result of the venue’s disorganization. She started with “Let Us Pray,” an obviously spiritual number. This was followed by “They Hatin’,” a ditty that explores the act of rising above criticism. Mhoor’s slot closed with “The […]

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Livestream  Caffé Lena  • Saratoga Springs, NY Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Stephane Wrembel, guitar; Thor Jensen, guitar; Ari Folman-Cohen, bass; Nick Anderson, drums; Nick Driscoll, clarinet and saxophone; Daisy Castro, violin Material: Celebrating the release of The Django Experiment VI, Stephane Wrembel and his jazz ensemble did not disappoint in their latest endeavor. Streaming from the historic Caffé Lena, the set covered all 10 tracks from the latest release––including covers from Cole Porter and Henri Texier––as well as three of Reinhardt’s solo guitar pieces (“Improvisation #1,” “Echoes of Spain,” and “Naguine”). The group also performed “Bistro Fada,” Wrembel’s original […]

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Livestream  Portland, OR Contact: [email protected] Web: Material: First of all, this is one of those occasions where the material is secondary to the cause. Portland blue-eyed soul-jazz artist Jarrod Lawson is seeing 100 percent of the ticket sales matched dollar for dollar by URSA Live and donated to music education nonprofit Little Kids Rock ( So whatever happens, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. The event wasn’t without its hiccups, through no fault of Lawson’s; power failures due to storms in Oregon resulted in a prerecorded gig, concluding with a live Q&A. Sometimes, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to […]

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Livestream Bradenton, FL Contact: [email protected] Web: Players: Chase Thomas, guitar, vocals; Chase Vicks, drums Material: Chase Thomas sounds like early Ziggy (Stardust) and you got the feeling this performance had a David Bowie-meets-Prince quality. The Prince cover tunes were very pop and very melodic and were played on acoustic guitar with only a drummer to accompany.  The music was raw and in-your-face real as only Thomas, Prince and Bowie can bring you. “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” started out the set, and right off the bat you got that Bowie/Prince feeling; good rocking beat that […]

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Livestream  Los Angeles, CA Contact: Jeff Myles, Taurean Entertainment, [email protected] Web: Players: Aaron Shaw, EWI and woodwinds; Lawrence Shaw, fretted and fretless bass and pedals; Jamael Dean, keyboards; Makala Session, drums Material: Black Nile is the brainchild of brothers Aaron and Lawrence Shaw. Their music is billed as part of the L.A. “New Jazz Renaissance.” And, indeed, there is something groundbreaking in the way they blend traditional improvisational forms with sampling and assorted electronics. Essentially derived from their six original recorded releases, they create a compelling collage of sounds that employs elements of modern bop, spoken-word, funk, world beat, […]

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