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Magnolia is a new channel from sync licensing and music discovery platform SyncFloor that invites production professionals to dive into their favorite moments in films and share the scenes that changed the way they think about music for picture. With in-depth interviews, SyncLove offers good reads and intriguing insights about what works in sync, and how powerful the combination of music and picture can be. — The SyncLove guest contributor for this post is Vlada Knowlton. Vlada is an award-winning filmmaker based in Seattle. Her debut documentary feature, “Having It All” (2015), was selected by Washington’s PBS station, KCTS9, as […]

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Aimee Mann writes about the devils you don’t know and the devils you think you do. Especially on Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains Of The Dodo), her third album, she chronicles the inner monologues and outer arguments of people fighting hard to remain lonely and miserable, because it’s familiar and perhaps even comfortable […]