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Modern edgy teens just don’t know how good they have it. Between the advancement of beauty items and the meteoric rise of online shopping, a whole new world of alternative aesthetic items is at their fingertips. Those of us who had our scene phases in the 2000s weren’t quite as fortunate. If we couldn’t achieve the […]

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Billie Eilish hair color quiz, billie eilish 2019

There’s no question that Billie Eilish is one of the most iconic young artists in the world right now. Besides her amazing musical talents, her many different hairstyles deserve a place in the Hair Hall of Fame (if that’s even a real thing). Eilish’s ability to pull off every single color she tries truly makes […]

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The year is 2007. Cobra Starship’s “The City Is At War” plays from your Myspace page as you organize your Top 8. Your profile picture? A high-angle selfie that captures your teased Voodoo Blue hair. “I’m scene, not emo,” you insist. The Rawring ’20s are upon us, and while we doubt Myspace will make a […]

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From the mid-2000s to present day, scene trends have come and gone. Some, such as piercings, tattoos, skinny jeans and beanies, have proven to be timeless classics.  Other trends, however, have been given new life, such as transferring the love of Invader Zim to the Adult Swim hit animation Rick & Morty. Regardless, certain styles […]