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Smokehouse ” Brazil “ Canadian duo Smokehouse has released new single Brazil. The new single is about loving someone so much it hurts. It is bright and airy, with hazy vocals that float over a layered electronic background. Perfect for the last days of summer. Marco ” Carsick “  19 years old Lebanon based singer-songwriter Marco has said that his upbringing and his parents have had a huge influence on his music and that he started writing music to take up the lonely place of moving and traveling when he was younger. Regardless of where he gets his influences, his silvery vocals steal the show on his debut single Carsick, which is a mid-tempo song that is both upbeat and addictive. You will be hitting the repeat button often. San Mei ” Midnight “ Australian singer-songwriter Emily Hamilton who goes by the moniker San Mei has found that music can be a place to share your deepest feelings, which is what she has done with new single Midnight, which was written after her mother died. The dreamy tune is more upbeat than you would imagine it to be, Hamilton wanted it to be a celebration of her mom’s life. Her […] For more, go to: (Source)