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Maria Taylor

Azure Ray, the duo of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, formed in Athens, Georgia in 2001. Soon afterward, they relocated to Omaha and joined in with the whole Saddle Creek scene when it was at its apex. Taylor and Fink worked with Saddle Creek artists like Bright Eyes, Cursive, and the Faint, and they also released three of their own albums of dreamy, folky indie. Azure Ray have gone on hiatus and reunited a few times over the years, and Taylor and Fink have both released solo records and collaborated with other artists. Today, Azure Ray have announced that they’ll soon release a new album, their first over a decade.

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Frank Ockenfels

Phoebe Bridgers has had a big year, and she might cap it off with a very big night on Sunday. The Grammy Awards are happening in six days, and Bridgers is nominated for four awards, including Best New Artist. With the big show coming up, the people at Spotify are doing a new thing this week. They’re releasing five new Spotify Singles, one from each of the Best New Artist nominees. Bridgers, naturally, is first up.

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Singles package also includes a new version of “Kyoto” with Jackson Browne For more, check out: (Source)