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mayday parade What It Means To Fall Apart

Mayday Parade have released their new album, What It Means To Fall Apart. The record is full of feel-good tunes that testify to the band’s quintessential sound. The record follows the band’s latest single “Think Of You,” released Nov. 17 ahead of the new album. Read more: Mayday Parade offer exclusive behind-the-scenes look at “Bad […]

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  Powerhouse emo quintet Mayday Parade release their brand-new single, “Bad At Love,” via Rise Records. Listen HERE and watch the music video below. Shot in California and directed by Katharine White, the accompanying visual […]

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mayday parade bad at love

Mayday Parade are navigating love and heartbreak in their latest single, “Bad At Love,” via Rise Records. Alongside the new song and accompanying video, the band shared exclusive behind-the-scenes photos with Alternative Press. Read more: Afterlife release “Miles Away” ahead of forthcoming ‘Part Of Me’—watch The visual mirrors the same heartbroken sentimentality as the song, […]

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kennyhoopla willow smith pop-punk

Welcome back to pop punk. Come and look around. If you haven’t air-guitared to “All The Small Things” since high school, or even middle school, there’s so much for you to catch up on.  There’s no need to feel nostalgic or pine for the past. The scene is alive, diverse and oozing with new tracks. […]

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bob becker thriller records

Bob Becker, the Fearless Records founder, has launched an all-new record label called Thriller Records. “After starting and running Fearless Records for 25 years, I feel like there is still plenty of opportunity out there and gas in the tank,” Becker exclusively told Alternative Press. “The new label, Thriller Records, will give me and our […]

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pop-punk live shows, kennyhoopla, stand atlantic

Pop punk found new life in 2020. Young bands blossomed, while hip-hop and pop acts picked up guitars. Maybe you’re one of the many fans who rediscovered old favorites on social media. Possibly, Chase Hudson (aka LILHUDDY) acted as your power-chord gateway drug.  If so, welcome. There’s so much to see. And if you thought […]

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noahfinnce doll skin cover yungblud

NOAHFINNCE and Doll Skin have collaborated to reimagine YUNGBLUD’s “Parents” for Songs That Saved My Life. They released the track in celebration of the beginning of Pride Month.   The cover gives the original a more punk–rock twist. At the same time, the original integrity of the song is still very much intact. Rather than completely […]

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system of a down avril lavigne alternative road trip songs

Flashback to your 2000s scene phase. You’re a day out from a road trip and focused entirely on prepping. Does that mean double-checking your suitcase or gas tank, though? Of course not. You’re more concerned with loading up your iPod with alternative summer hits. Fortunately, even in the wake of widespread technological innovations, some basic […]

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The #1 single in America is a pop-punk song. With “good 4 u,” Olivia Rodrigo has become the latest in a string of artists to venture into the resurgent genre. The track marks an important point in the style’s latest mainstream comeback: Now that the biggest pop star of the moment has released a pop-punk hit, without rebranding herself as a pop-punk artist, it’s safe to say that pop-punk is pop again. (Predictably, “good 4 u” is currently all over TikTok.)

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riot fest concert crowd

The organizers of Riot Fest have announced that the festival is returning to Douglass Park in Chicago this fall. In typical Riot fashion, the lineup for Sept. 17, 18 and 19 is stacked. “We’ve missed you and we can’t wait to see you this year,” the festival organizers shared.  Headliners include alternative veterans Nine Inch […]

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