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Nico Kartel

Every time he opens his mouth to sing, GIVĒON commands attention. For the past year, he’s been getting more and more of it, and deservedly so. The 26-year-old Long Beach native has the kind of voice that would stir you from a stupor in any era, but the depth of his baritone especially stands out in an age when hot new R&B singers are often lithe tenors like 6LACK, Brent Faiyaz, and Daniel Caesar, Chris Brown remains a radio mainstay, and a wave of artists with chirpy processed vocals have blurred the line between rapping and singing. There’s an implied authority to a voice like GIVĒON’s; it can be smooth and velvety, but it also booms outward with a resounding voice-of-God effect similar to James Earl Jones. It stands out.

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mandela effect in music, joan jett, demi lovato, panic! at the disco

Imagine yourself singing along to one of your favorite songs, belting out every word at the top of your lungs like you have so many times before when you stumble over a line you don’t remember mixing up before. Maybe you sing “and” instead of “but” or change out a line altogether. Regardless, it leaves […]

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The chicken sandwich wars are officially on. Continue reading…

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gremlins horror christmas movies

McDonald’s festive new Christmas commercial is capturing the attention of movie buffs for a good reason. For the new advertisement, the fast-food chain decided to take some inspiration from films such as the Gremlins, Elf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. However, if you blink too fast, you might just miss all of these clever […]

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wendy’s national roast day

Wendy’s is the home of the Frosty, the 4 for $4 and fresh-never-frozen beef. But the fast-food chain is now also recognized for its unique Twitter presence. In fact, the brand is known to be incredibly savage on its page, directly tweeting at competitors such as McDonald’s and Burger King and roasting its own fans. […]

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mcdonalds store closures-min

Well, McDonald’s is finally hopping on the plant-based train. This week, the fast-food chain announced that it is launching new non-meat menu items. However, the internet isn’t entirely convinced by what McDonald’s has decided to name its new plant-based burger. Read more: See Josh Dun take on Paramore, Underoath and more in drum mash-up McDonald’s […]

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For decades now, fast-food restaurants have continued to break our hearts by removing beloved favorites off their menu.  Even more recently, Taco Bell upset us by removing so many menu items that we truly didn’t know if we could take it.  Read more: 13 alt-pop merch pieces from Hot Topic to rock your fandom proudly […]

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Last month, McDonald’s launched its first celebrity-branded meal since 1992 with Travis Scott, which resulted in a buttload of merch and some stressful viral antics. It was evidently deemed a success by the powers that be because McDonald’s has revealed its next attempt to appeal to the youths with reggaeton superstar J Balvin, who has…

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It looks like you may not have 24-hour access to McDonald’s breakfast menu ever again. In a new statement, the fast-food chain says its considering ending its all-day breakfast service for good. Read more: Nirvana’s logo was credited to Kurt Cobain, but this artist says it’s his McDonald’s suspended its all-day breakfast menu earlier this […]

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Travis Scott‘s latest collab with McDonald’s is proving to be widely successful. Fans are so eager to get their hands on his “go-to” meal, however, that the fast-food chain is facing a major ingredient shortage. Now, McDonald’s is making changes to how fans can order the popular meal. Read more: You may be waiting even longer […]

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