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The further we get into our scene “phases,” the more we understand the concept of “love and loss” as it pertains to music. Over the years, we’ve lost a number of our favorite bands to breakups and significant genre changes. Fortunately, though, there are still a number who have stayed active and alternative. While it’s easy to […]

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Throughout the 2000s, women started to dominate the alternative music scene with their powerful stage presence and otherworldly talent. Following in the footsteps of riot grrrls, they proudly represented the fact that women rock just as hard, if not harder, than men. Despite the “boys’ club” of emo, punk and pop-punk communities, the women on […]

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One of Gordon Ramsay’s latest critique victims is TikTok user @bakingthursdays. Earlier this month, the celebrity chef ruthlessly assessed a cake she made. Following the release of the viral video, @bakingthursdays, whose real name is Amanda, decided to channel her emotions into two new cakes. This month, Amanda unveiled her latest creations which happen to […]

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