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It’s hard to believe that we’ve now spent more time beyond the 2000s than within them. What’s worse? That means we’re now coming up on 20 years spent with some of our favorite alternative hits. This year, it’s all the 2001 songs that are celebrating the milestone birthday. Even two decades out, though, many of […]

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bernie sanders music memes

As always, Sen. Bernie Sanders has become yet another beloved and overused meme, thanks to an iconic photo of him sitting and wearing mittens during President Joe Biden‘s inauguration ceremony. All Sanders had to do was show up and sit down, and the internet did the rest, making thousands of memes and putting him in […]

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There’s definitely no shortage of memes about astrology and zodiac signs on the internet. Actually, there are accounts that solely post memes about astrology, including one user @milkstrology, who recently started one of the latest hilarious trends through their posts. Read more: 10 My Chemical Romance palette looks straight from the ‘Revenge’ era Starting with […]

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Memes about your favorite band are fantastic, but it’s even better when they’re the ones who share or make them. In December, Nickelback fed into the memes the internet has made about one of their hit songs for years and created their own. Read more:  Nickelback released the iconic “Photograph” nearly two decades ago, but […]

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Green Day Gym Class Heroes Avril Lavigne Bowling For Soup

From low-rise jeans to flashy Myspace themes, the 2000s was an era defined by flamboyancy. While the majority of those embarrassing trends naturally faded with time, one product of the ’00s has overstayed its welcome. The infamous brand Kidz Bop has been churning out family-friendly compilation albums since 2001 sung by kids, for kids.  But […]

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best 2020 election memes

Well, folks, it has been one hell of an election week, right? The U.S. and the world all reacted to the news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris secured enough votes from the electoral college for a presidential win. Biden and Harris experienced a historic win. The president-elect is the oldest person to hold the […]

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blink-182’s iconic track “What’s My Age Again?” inspires birthday cakes, graduation caps and more to this day. In the song, the band sing, “No one likes you when you’re 23,” a grim but accurate statement according to many blink fans. In a recent Twitter exchange, the pop-punk act referenced one of their most popular Enema Of The State […]

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It’s been a few months since Grimes and Elon Musk welcomed their son X Æ A-Xii in May. Since the news of the birth, the couple has sent the internet into a frenzy over their son’s name, how it’s pronounced and how it appears on the official birth certificate. Now, Musk has shared a new […]

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[Photo by: Jimmy Fisco] At 15 years old, Nashville pop singer GAYLE is tackling all the issues ingrained into the large group of youths who fall into the category of “Generation Z.” As a followup to “dumbass,” she’s exclusively premiering her lyrically vulnerable music video for “z” with AltPress. Online, young people are poked and […]