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Popular culture in the ’90s was significantly broader, deeper, and more eclectic than millennial nostalgists demand of it. And yet it’s also the source of such striking works of anti-profundity that it’s enough to make those of us who lived through an era of comparative peace and prosperity want to throw it all in the garbage. We’re talking about the kind of schlock that would eventually get so oppressively thick that the only thing available to counter it would be a ruthless irony so poisonous that it threatened our ability to appreciate anything mass-culture at face value. Maybe that’s an extreme stance to take — not as extreme as the taste of Diet Mountain Dew, but close — and yet that’s the only way I’m really able to get at the brief but staggering moment when multiple multi-billion-dollar entertainment industries went all-in on the last gasp of the big post-“We Are The World” all-star charity single wave.

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best pop punk albums 2001, jimmy eat world, blink 182, weezer, sum 41

The year is 2001. The middle school bus stops by your house in 10 minutes as you hastily smudge on frosted lip gloss, grab your tattoo choker necklace and add an extra gem to your jeans’ bedazzled pocket. Trucker hats and studded belts are all the rage. In some ways, times are simpler.  Pop punk […]

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How far will Travis Scott go to broadcast his love for the golden arches? His second round of merch in collaboration with McDonald’s paints a pretty clear idea—and the extent is startling for many fans.  As it happens, the signature meal and merchandise collection announced earlier this week wasn’t all the Astroworld rapper had planned. […]

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In case you didn’t know, rapper Travis Scott is a big fan of McDonald’s. So much so that he has joined forces with the fast-food chain to drop exclusive merch and his own meal fans can order. The collaboration, however, has left both the internet and McDonald’s employees confused for many reasons. Read more: Another […]

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After much anticipation, LeBron James has finally unveiled the new Tune Squad jersey for the forthcoming film Space Jam: A New Legacy. Since the uniform’s reveal earlier this week, however, Space Jam fans have been divided over whether or not the sequel should have kept the original jersey’s design. Read more: This ‘Hocus Pocus’ Starbucks cup […]

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