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As Michi, Michelle Guerrero makes sticky Angeleno pop informed by classic R&B.  Guerrero grew up playing piano and dabbling with the guitar. Growing up in a Latino home filled her with the appreciation for diverse music, and was heavily influenced by Motown and Soul. Music found her at a young age and the discovery for her passion of singing and creating shortly followed. For Michi, Guerrero found partners in creating her vision in producer/engineer Jacob Munk (Lorde, Miike Snow, Liam Gallagher) and director/photographer Haley Appell (Tyler The Creator, Taylor Swift, LANY).  Now Michi shares the music video for her latest single “Sugarbaby.” The sound of indeterminate voices chattering in the background and a doo-wop inspired electric guitar lick open the song, and paints a vivid image of spotting a lover across a crowded cafe. Lyrically, Guerrero channels playfulness through self-possessed vocals as she sings, “you’re watching me spin it baby, yeah I’m gonna show you be patient. I’ll give you that sugar baby, it don’t get no sweeter baby be patient.” The music video dreamt up with the help of Michi’s creative director Haley Appell, is an invitation into Michi’s pastel-colored world, replete with velvet jumpsuits, metallic electric guitars, ice cream, and of course, sugar, baby. […] For more, go to: (Source)