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Paramore Taylor Swift TikTok theory

This past week, a new fan theory has emerged that may blow Paramore and Taylor Swift fans’ minds. One TikTok user noticed a few similarities between two classics songs from the artists. Now, they are explaining why they think “Better Than Revenge” and “Misery Business” are actually connected to each other. Read more: This site […]

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Most and Least Streamed Spotify Songs

Streaming has completely transformed the way people listen to music. Long gone are the days of burning CDs and downloading music online, but thanks to platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, we can listen to any song we can think of at a moment’s notice.  Streaming services, especially Spotify, offer a lot more to users, […]

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In 2007, the scene was rocking harder and louder than anyone could have imagined. Myspace favorites such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore were crafting their emo sounds into unforgettable albums that established them as legends. While staying true to their roots in emo and punk, scene music introduced synthesizers and screamo elements to create […]

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Hayley Williams has been keeping active on social media over the past few weeks. She recently handed over for Instagram for the Black Lives Matter activist group Teens4Equality. She also used Twitter to urge Mississippi lawmakers to change the state’s flag, a motion that was eventually passed over the weekend. Now, Williams is taking part […]

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[Photo via YouTube] This week, Paramore has shown their support for Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests. On June 1, the band announced they are donating $25,000 to various organizations and that they stand in solidarity with the movement. Now, a Paramore fan has taken their 2007 album Riot! and transformed its artwork […]

[Photo via YouTube] Hayley Williams‘ first solo album Petals For Armor is officially out today, May 8. But, we’re going to take a look back at the breakout song that made Williams the star she is today In a recent interview, the Paramore singer officially revealed exactly who the 2007 hit “Misery Business” is really about.  Read […]

[Photos by: All Time Low/Ryan Watanabe, Halsey/Joey kl22, Palaye Royale, 5 Seconds Of Summer/Giselle Dias] One of the most epic moments that can happen during a concert is when two artists join forces onstage to perform a song they love but haven’t recorded together before.  From All Time Low and Halsey to 5 Seconds Of […]