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Houston-based solo metalcore project MyFloralFuture, fronted by an artist known as Saffron, dives into the darkest corners of humanity with the aim to bring meaningful art to audiences out of his personal suffering with new single Violent Ends. The single is off their newly released debut EP Tragic Hero.Written about a generation that often goes unheard or is quickly dismissed because of their young age, “Violent Ends” is a passionate plea for understanding and guidance. The title is pulled from the Shakespeare quote, “These violent delights have violent ends.““It’s from Romeo & Juliet, which is one of my favorite plays and arguably a comedy,” says Saffron. “It’s a commentary on teenage emotions, how deeply and immediately they feel everything, and how if you act impulsively, you will never be happy. The irony is the adults are almost entirely absent and offer no guidance just judgment. That very much still happens today. I wrote the song with myself and my peers in mind, thinking of the volatile political and social climate we find ourselves in with little meaningful guidance from adults and authority figures but plenty of condemnation when we speak up.“ For more, go to: (Source)