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Natalie Bergman

A few months ago, Natalie Bergman, one half of the brother/sister duo Wild Belle, released her solo debut Mercy. When she was working on the LP, Bergman was hoping to collaborate with Beck, who’d befriended her when Wild Belle toured as Beck’s opener in 2019. At the time, the collaboration didn’t happen, but Beck has since made up for it. First, he appeared in Bergman’s “Home At Last” video. And now, on a new 7″ single, Bergman and Beck have teamed up to cover a fairly obscure 1975 psych-pop jam.

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“You’ve Got a Woman” is a rare Seventies soul tune, while “Paint the Rain” appeared on Bergman’s debut solo LP, Mercy For more, check out: (Source)

Creative expression and religious witness abide side by side in Natalie Bergman’s music. On her solo debut Mercy, the Wild Belle vocalist marries psychedelia and gospel, drawing inward to fill her ghostly psalms with beauty and power.

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