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Nate Ruess

One day in the fall of 2018, Young Thug posted a series of short Instagram-story videos of himself smoking a blunt and deeply enjoying “Some Nights,” the 2012 song from the band Fun. There were a lot of those videos. Some were in color, some in black-and-white. The clips would pick up at different parts of “Some Nights,” which suggested that Thug was just playing the song over and over. In some videos, he sang along. In some, he lip-synced. In others, he stayed silent and just held up his jewelry for his phone camera. In all the clips, it was clear that Thug was just sitting there, loving this song, and that he’d decided to share that love with the world. For a rapper who lives his whole life off in outer space, this was a startlingly basic and relatable moment. This great but vaguely cheesy song from this pop-rock band that no longer exists? That one night, it was Young Thug’s favorite thing in the world.

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