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Nature TV

 Nature TV share ethereal new cut ‘The Whole World Drifts Away’, via indie label Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Honey Moon). Striding a line between the hazy suburbia of Real Estate and the waterside stillness of Nick Drake, the band’s second offering from their ‘Lady Luck’ EP (released 18th September) sees them hone in on their newfound ‘hikewave’ genre, masterfully crafting a crescendo of effortlessly silky guitars and tender, dreamy vocals to perfection. Discussing the group’s upcoming single, frontman Guy Bangham stated: “‘The Whole World Drifts Away’ Is all about going over different life choices in your head at night and hoping you’ve made the right decisions or trusted the right people. Sometimes it’s hard to not doubt stuff, especially when you’re trying to get to sleep, but your mind keeps overthinking different routes you could have taken. But you know, we got a song out of it so it’s not all bad…right?” For more, go to: (Source)

Brighton’s resident dream-pop experts Nature TV share melancholic EP lead single ‘Hometown’ via cult indie label Heist or Hit  Comprising of 50% music college grads and 50% camping shop employees, the quartet may have stopped short of pioneering the ‘hikewave’ genre, but firmly turn their attention towards the wilderness in forthcoming EP ‘Lady Luck’; composing evergreen songs exposed to the elements. With contemplative nostalgia reigning supreme in their newest effort, the indie risers are primed to capitalize on acclaimed 2019 EP ‘Emotion Sickness’. Detailing their upcoming release, frontman Guy Bangham explained “‘Hometown’ is about being aware of problems or changes in your own life and wanting to fix those issues but cause you’re stuck in your way, things just go the same as always. It’s also thinking (or hoping) that other people have changed, but deep down knowing they never really will so you’re just reliving the past over and over and never moving forward”. For more, go to: (Source)